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Outstanding Overall performance
The substitution of the NB400W Serieswinch drive planetary gearbox can fit into a winch drum and purpose as a gear speed reducer for the winch. The functionality has been rated in conformity with FEM M5 specifications with an output maximum speed of 25 rpm, which is the globe common for self-propelled and onboard cranes.

The alternative of the NB400W Sequence gearboxes are the ideal remedy for all lifting programs: our planetary gears are specifically made for use as winch drives within cable drums, obtainable with hydraulic and electric motor adaptor. They characteristic 2 near-mounted flanges, 1 of which is connected to the winch frame and the other of which is set to the cable drum, the drive housing, as a result, functions as the major drum mounting.

Important Attributes
1. Output torque variety: one thousand-280000 N.m
2. Equipment ratios: i=5.3-400
3. Support: the gearbox has rotating housing flanges to fit a winch
4. Applicable motors: axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, or other folks
5. Hydraulic motor alternatives: stress reduction valve, the more than-middle valve on ask for
6. Bearing: strong bearing system absorbing the forces exerted by the ring gear
7. Brake: hydraulic introduced parking brake on ask for
8. Efficiency figures refer to FEM requirements, course M5 (T5-L2) for output max. speeds of twenty five rpm.
9. Complex knowledge and installation dimension of NB400W Series gearbox are the same as those of Rexroth GFT…W Collection and Bonfiglioli 800 Sequence, so these 3 can be employed interchangeably.
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Type Max. torque N.m Variety of ratios (i) Max. Enter velocity (rpm) Braking torque(N.m)
NB400W1 870 6.09 one thousand one hundred thirty
NB401W1 1300 six.2 one thousand 270
NB402W2 4000 3500
NB403W2 4000 15.4-forty 3500 270
NB405W 7000 twenty-eighty 3500 270
NB405.4W 5500 26-57 3500 280
NB406AW 12500 23-220 3500 430
NB406W 13000 28-140 3500 430
NB406BW3 17500 63-136 3500 430
NB407AW 18000 38-136 3500 430-530
NB407W3 26000 sixty three-136 3500 530
NB410W3 37500 62-177 3500 530
NB413W3 42500 86-172 3500 610
NB414W3 67000 seventy six-186 3500 1200
NB415W3 100000 81-215 3000 1200
NB416W3 140000 87-255 3000 2000
NB417W3 200000 123-365 3000 2000
NB419W3 275000 161-306 2500 3000

Particular Proportions and Technical Parameters Inquiry
NB4 &amp NB6 Series

Alternative Brand name/Product Inquiry
Trasmital Bonfiglioli Brevini Riduttori Bosch Rexroth Comer Industries Reggiana Riduttori Rossi Zollern